• From an etiquette ®brush to "industrial material"

  • By focusing idea into the material called the pile textile, we developed the etiquette®brush and handy cleaner originally. Moreover, we make use of this tenglology to develop parts for household appliance, copier, printer and industrial material. Not simply a textile maker, we continue to create value in new fields.


  • We manufacture and sell pile fabric processed goods to meet the needs of our customers.

  • Etiquette brush was developed using tilted pile fabric.
    In 1959, the pile brush with innumerable short-tilted piles was originally developed.
    Global patents were submitted, and the Etiquette® brush was released with a registered trademark
    This represented an epoch-making brush revolution.

  • Expansion from lint remover for closing into other applications

    The Etiquette brush development triggered repeated improvements. The material has transformed into nozzle brushes and buffer materials on vacuum cleaners to improve the cleaning and operation performance, and the material is also used in the filter cleaning brushes in air conditioners and air cleaners to provide added value. In addition, the Etiquette brush is used to clean the brushes in duplicators/printers and is supplied as airtight fabric and buffer materials in different industrial fields. Exhibition of its versatile performance has awakened demand, resulting in widespread use in each industry. The material is popularly called raised fabric(KIMOU FU) and raised brush(KIMOU Brush).

    As a textile-based industrial material manufacturer, the use of the pile fabric has spread widely with nylon as the core material, polyester, natural fiber, fluorine fiber, and conductive fiber.

    From Etiquette brush into industrial materials; we are making further progress together with our customers.

  • "Second processing" of pile fabric

  • ※We can propose the most suitable pile fabric with certain material, stiffness, density and height upon customers’ needs.

    • Injection

      Our original made fabric material could be injected with other materials or plastic parts to become a semi-finished product.

    • Paste

      Our original made fabric material may be stuck with other materials in many ways.

    • Roll-In

      Our original made fabric material could be rolled on a shaft to become a semi-finished product.

  • Example of pile fabric usage

    • The nozzle of vacuum cleaners

      It is used inside the nozzles of vacuum cleaners. The actual specification is determined with customers.

    • a variety of home appliances

      It is used as brushes on various home appliances.

    • Auto dust removing design

      Our original auto dust removing design with two pieces of tilted pile fabric is widely used by various home appliances.

  • Business of industrial materials group(PDF)