• Vehicle group responsible for production

    and sale of the seats on trains and buses.


  • Vehicle group outline

  • We study from every aspect including design and texture, in order to create a comfortable space in trains and buses.

    We also make efforts in using eco-friendy moquette (more than 50% of recycling threads) and moquette which is base on green purchasing law (more than 10% of recycling threads) becuase of our consideration of the natural environment.

    In addition, as a part of the environmental purification in the vehicle, base on the needs of customer, we can provide antibacterial and deodorant effect on our moquette by conducting photocatalyst/titanium process.

    The texture of the seats which all of you sitting on trains and buses is called "moquette". When directionality is applied to this pile fabric......

    It became the idea of the Etiquette® Brush.

  • Road to an harmony social environment.
    We offer you "relaxation" by superior technology.

    By set out Freeslone® and BREATHAIR ® that provide comfortable feeling as well as high durability, we provide "relaxation" to the all passengers by superior technology.

    This is a composition cushion, upper part is polyester hollow fibers joined with low melting point fibre-formed molding cushioning called Freeslone®, lower part is a polyester stoma in a complex 3D spring structured cushioning called Breath-air ®.

    Feature: Recyclable
    ▪ Air & water permeability
    ▪ Lightness
    ▪ Cushioning characteristics and durability
    ▪ Safe (Few toxic gas when burning)

  • ※ FLEECELON ® is the trademark belongs to Nippon Seal Co., Ltd.
    ※ BREATHAIR ® is the trademark belongs to Toyobo Co., Ltd.

  • Coordinate Brush

  • Several decades ago, seats on trains and buses were monotone.
    Recently, seats with patterned fabric become very common.
    You may have never observed their exist. Please remember this web site and check them during your nice ride.
    You will find various feel and pile height on different trains or buses.
    Please find the interior design of bus and train as following.