• We recognize that proper management of personal information is essential to current and future substantial business activity.
    The basic principle of our privacy policy with regard to personal information has been established and shall be observed by all executives and all employees who seek to manage and administrate information properly.

    Date of establishment: July 6, 2007
    Nippon Seal Co., Ltd
    President,Shigeru Oka

  • Activity overview

  • 1. When personal information is collected, utilized, or provided, Nippon Seal clearly specifies the purpose and
       implements all possible measures for management with sufficient consideration to the information sources
          or the information providers.

    2. Nippon Seal manages personal information under strict administration and implements the proper
          precautions against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, manipulation, and disclosure of relevant personal

    3. Nippon Seal observes all laws and regulations regarding personal information protection and other rules.

    4. Nippon Seal establishes compliance programs regarding personal information protection and ensure that
          all employees are in full compliance. The activities are regularly reviewed for improvement.

  • Inquiries about protection of personal information

  • Company name:Nippon Seal Co., Ltd
    Address:1-3-65 Hirabayashiminami, Suminoe-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, JAPAN
    Department:Sales and marketing headquarters
    Attention:Shigeru Oka